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Thanks to our comprehensive experience and expert knowledge in the field, you can rely on us to address customer enquiries and complaints with the highest level of competence, reliability and service in several different languages, and advise you comprehensively in like fashion.
Klaus Oegerli.

Klaus Oegerli in Swiss Tourism and Travel Industry


Klaus Oegerli is a prominent figure in the Swiss destinations and tourism marketing sector, known for his impressive career and extensive expertise. He began his journey with training at Kuoni Reisen and the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs, later assuming various management roles in the tourism industry. Oegerli managed Swiss Tourism offices in cities like Düsseldorf, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris, significantly contributing to promoting Switzerland as a travel destination across Europe. As a member of the Swiss Tourism management board, he oversaw European markets.


His career led him to become the CEO and board member of STC Switzerland Travel Centre AG, where he established, a leading platform for holiday accommodations in Switzerland. Additionally, Oegerli founded, a digital travel advisory platform offering comprehensive information and guidance on travel destinations and options based on his extensive knowledge and experience.


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