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Expertise and service for the Swiss tourism industry

 Our Services 

We support you in the areas of written customer support, complaint management and Social Media Community management, and, of course, in several different languages.

Customer Support / Social Media Community Management


We look after the written enquiries of your customers in your CRM or social media tool in five different languages. We monitor and address customer feedback for hotels and restaurants, using appropriate online tools competently and reliably. We will provide reference points for your strategic planning, based on the analysis of customer feedback. Thanks to our comprehensive experience and expert knowledge in the field, you can rely on us to address customer enquiries and complaints with the highest level of competence, reliability and service in several different languages, and advise you comprehensively in like fashion. If so requested, we can relieve you of tasks which are not location-bound.

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Research / Advice / Analysis


You need to research certain areas, but lack the time. We are here to take that time and will equip you with the results in a format requested by you. Our comprehensive network plays a central role in this process. We provide expert advice in the areas of Destination/Tourism Marketing, Business Development, Travel Technology, Social Media, Directorship placements, evaluation and monitoring of guest feedback as well as website analyses.

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Our reasonable rates


Our hourly rate ranges from 40 to 80 CHF for support services and from 80 CHF for research and advice. We always provide you with a cost ceiling. Incurred costs will be calculated after effective expenditure. Payment needs to be completed in Swiss Francs. Conditions of payment by prior arrangement.

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